Creating new jobs for the Nebraska panhandle by growing new collaborations with long-time customers.

Adams Industries, in partnership with our longtime industrial park tenant, Simplot Growers Solutions, has spent over a year working together for the construction of a new liquid fertilizer facility in Cheyenne County, Nebraska. The Adams Fertilizer Facility streamlines the blending/manufacturing process with automation and includes three enclosed outbound fertilizer truck loading areas accessible 24 hours-a-day. A majority of all inputs are transported by unit train maximizing cost efficiency. Local truck drivers deliver the Simplot field-science based blends directly to regional agricultural producers reducing the overall miles for product transport. The Adams Fertilizer Facility will create approximately 30 new jobs for the region.

In Spring 2024, Adams Warehousing begins processing fertilizer orders for Simplot at the Adams Fertilizer Facility. The straight from facility to the field process starts with Simplot’s Crop Advisors, all trained agronomists, working side-by-side with regional Ag Producers. Simplot’s Crop Advisors collaborate with Ag Producers to ensure good land stewardship by formulating the most effective and efficient fertilizer blends, based on plant tissue and soil samples. Each individually created blend is manufactured at time of product pick-up and is immediately loaded onto the truck. Simplot’s good land stewardship practices reduces in-field waste by concisely formulating the blends manufactured by Adams.

Simplot is a family owned, field proven, company based in Idaho. Built from the ground up by their founder J.R. Simplot, farming for more than 90 years, Simplot is growing in its position as a dynamic agribusiness leader with a full suite of exclusive products, cutting-edge technology and top-notch service. Despite their growth, Simplot will always remain farmer focused.

Adams Industries looks forward to continuing our partnership with Simplot.

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